Student Sparks: Rape Culture

Lindsay Dalton, Freshman

Q: How do you feel about the issue of women’s safety on college campuses in the US?

A: “I feel that it’s not taken as seriously as it should be and there should be more action towards women’s safety on campuses. I think that St. John’s is doing a lot with the ‘It’s On Us’ program and making us aware, but I think that many of the students need to open up their minds about sexual assault because a lot of them are very ignorant about it.”

De’Jsa Robinson, Sophomore

Q: On St. John’s’ campus specifically, do you feel that there’s enough being done?

A: “St. John’s’ campus, I think, is actually really safe. Public Safety does a great job of just keeping safety, not just for women, but for all students here.”

Thomas Vitale, Sophomore

Q: Do you feel like St. John’s does a good enough job?

A: “Honestly, ever since I’ve been to orientation to now as a sophomore, I can’t say I’ve really had the opportunity to really learn anything about sexual assault; anything on campus or off campus about it. I haven’t had the opportunity here but ever since the recent incident I think St. John’s is taking the proper precautions, and trying to have events and speakers about it so that we can learn how to handle it and how to handle the issue.”

Liz Canney, Junior

Q: How do you feel about the issues of women’s safety and sexual assault across college campuses in the US?

A: “I think rape goes against how we are created and the natural law and the intrinsic value of our bodies. John Paul II said that a person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love and not an object for use and rape culture today is turning our bodies into an object for use as opposed to an object for love, and taking something so sacred and destroying it. That’s so sad because it’s during our college years and that’s so important and pivotal in our development.”

Anna Misleh, Senior

Q: How do you feel about rape culture at St. John’s and the university’s handling of it?

A: “I think [at St. John’s] we’re actually doing a very good job of handling and diminishing the number of sexual violence cases that happen on our campus. I think Public Safety monitoring all our residence halls after 11:00 p.m. as well as coming in through Gate 6, at least on campus prevents a lot of sexual assault from happening. I’m very proud to say that I’m going to a school that is doing so well to do that.”