Marijuana legalization up in smoke

Angel Vera, Staff Writer

April 20; A day that is held sacred amongst the stoners and tokers of our generation. It’s a day where Americans of all creeds and colors come together and do nothing but order pizza while staring deadpan at the television watching the Food Network for two straight hours.

Lighting up the doobie has been a long-standing American tradition  like apple pie or unreasonable military intervention for years. According to the PEW Research center, nearly half of all Americans, forty-seven percent, have tried marijuana. States like Colorado and Washington have fully legalized its recreational use while other states have legalized it for medical use.

Among liberals and youths of all party identifications, it is pretty popular. Our great leader and human statue, Bill de Blasio, has turned his back on his fellow progressives and radical lefties, a bitter shame.

When asked on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” if marijuana legalization is on the “progressive agenda,” he let out a very heavy awnd painful “no.”

Although, to be fair, the new NYPD approach of not arresting people possessing small amounts of marijuana has lowered arrests by 65 percent.

It’s a shame that a so-called progressive is so hesitant to make the right economic and social move that is legalizing pot, especially since the mayor himself has confessed to smoking pot in his youth. Yet, he told the New York Daily News that it was a “mistake.”

Many people are facing a lot of trouble for that same ‘mistake.’

Those filling up Rikers Island would love a second chance ; asinine drug chargs can ruin lives. Marijuana is never going away or out of style.

Don’t let New York City lag behind on an issue it should be campaigning, de Blasio.