Seasonal Depression


Photo Attribution: ;flickrcommons/magdalenaroeseler

As the winter draws nearer, many find themselves suffering from Seasonal Depression.

Angela Kellett, Staff Writer

Ever have that feeling where you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers? For those who suffer from seasonal depression, such as I do, it can be a constant feeling.

College exacerbates my SAD as I struggle with the transition from the stress of finals and excitement of the holidays to endless days of winter break with no set schedule.

Since I have no concrete schedule during the winter break, this causes my seasonal depression to peak during the holidays.

It feels as if time has stopped, and it begins to drag. What helped me was to plan basic tasks, like taking a shower or reading a book. I am then held responsible for getting out of bed and being productive.

Not only am I forcing myself to get out of bed, but I get this feeling of accomplishment by knowing I completed a task.

Exercise is a must for anyone suffering from seasonal depression — endorphins will become your best friend! If I can’t force myself to go to the gym, I look up an instructional Youtube video for yoga or a basic cardio workout.

I keep an abundance of lights on, including string lights, a desk lamp or even the fake fireplace video on my television.

The light provides a sense of comfort and brightens my mood. I have also incorporated essential oils into my daily routine; they improve my mood, illuminate the atmosphere and help me relax.

Dealing with seasonal depression is hard. It is important to talk to your friends and family. Check in on people to see how they are feeling. Tell people how you are feeling.

It is a simple step that can help you and those around you feel heard and understood. Talking about seasonal depression is the first step in not only dealing with it but overcoming it.