Flames of the Torch: Introducing the 97th Editorial Board

Torch Staff

This issue marks the first edition under the 97th editorial board. This eboard is different than most, due to the fact that not all of the editorial spots have been filled thus far. Editors have taken the initiative to cover more than one position, while others have come back to help before they leave in the fall. However, these obstacles have not stopped us from producing the best issue we possibly can.

This year we will strive toward being even more transparent with our work and establish a better relationship with the St. John’s community. Journalists and those who work in the media are not alway seen in a positive light, and that is partially on the fault of those in the industry. We hope that readers will work with us to know that gossip, propaganda and slander are not a part of our purpose, and they never have been. And we plan to educate them along the way about the conflict that the media faces every day, especially on a college campus.

We are independent for a reason — to produce the most accurate and relevant stories. This starts with fostering an open relationship with those who are most affected by our content.

All St. John’s students, regardless of their major are encouraged to write, photograph or design for us. Through workshops, we want to educate each and every staff member about journalism. We are constantly trying to expand our knowledge on proper ways of reporting in efforts to better ourselves and our staff. There are so many talented students on this campus and we hope to show them the benefits of being involved with a student publication. So writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and managers are all welcome!

Social media is an important way to engage with our audience, and we want to make sure that we are reaching all parts of St. John’s with timely content on all of our platforms. We’ve seen the way that writers and editors get to connect with readers through Twitter and Instagram; plus, it makes us more accessible to readers who want to respond directly to our content. Once we elect a Social Media Manager, they will be dedicated to curating content that helps the SJU community know exactly what is happening, when it happens. Our social media presence will demonstrate how creativity within the realm of the journalistic world will flourish.

Now that there is a new executive board in Student Government, Inc., the Torch’s editorial board has a new governing body to report on. While we have sat down with the Vice-President-Elect, we also want our leadership to get to know theirs through a meeting that outlines the goals of each organization. We have expressed our desire for a meeting and we are optimistic about an open relationship with SGI. We strive for our reporting on SGI to be factual and transparent, similar to the way the press holds local and federal government accountable. But this doesn’t have to lead to conflict — and that’s why we want everyone to understand that we will be diligent in pursuing the truth.

No matter what the Torch’s reputation is, as an editorial board we want to help readers understand what journalists do and why it is important. The more open communication there is, the better we can serve the St. John’s community.