SJU: More than just alley-oops and hoops


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Red Zone isn’t just seen at Madison Square Garden but at all events as well

When most people think of St. John’s athletics, they automatically think of the men’s basketball team.

That’s not a surprise, have you seen the new University commercial? The commercial begins with students at a basketball game counting down from 10 to zero, as if the clock is winding down about every three seconds or so, there is a statistic about the institution. Now it’s all well and good to promote men’s basketball – due to its’ popularity – but there are other exciting athletic programs at St. John’s.

Not only are these programs exciting, but they also benefit you, the students. This is not a spiel about MVP points, but it is important to keep them in mind, and I’ll get back to them later.

Remember your high school gym class when the teacher would divide you up into groups for volleyball and all the fun you had with your friends? St. John’s volleyball is just as fun if not more. It’s not a secret that volleyball can get repetitive on TV – when it’s actually on television – but to be there in person is truly exciting; where the ball will be served, set and most importantly spiked is truly unique and exhilarating.

Another event that is pretty fun is softball. Softball is like a very fast version of baseball, and most games are about two hours long.

Most of the action happens so quickly that there is a better chance that you’ll see more long balls at Red Storm Field than Jack Kaiser stadium. Another event that can really get your blood pumping is lacrosse.  Although the season doesn’t start until the spring, there is no better feeling than watching the Johnnies be up a goal and the opposing team has the man advantage and comes charging into the Red Storm zone – very similar to a hockey atmosphere where the pressure mounts into pure jubilation.

Not only is it beneficial to make St. John’s one of the toughest home fields/courts to play in the Big East, but it also pays off at the end. There are stations at every function just giving away free MVP points. Attending a men’s/women’s soccer game will give you four points, which is only one less than a basketball game at Carnesecca Arena.

Think about it, especially freshmen; wouldn’t you want free things, like a newly branded St. John’s tee? How about a backpack or a SJU Snuggie? It could all be yours if you attend a couple of events and spend those points wisely.

These are just a small sample of exciting non-basketball events that you can look forward. Granted, there is nothing that brings the school together more than a season full of ups and downs with the ultimate goal of reaching the big dance in March, but the basketball teams don’t play every night. So go out and see for yourself.