New Our Lady Peace Album

Anyone looking for a CD that they can tolerate hearing over and over again should pick up a copy of Our Lady Peace’s Gravity.

Our Lady Peace, a group out of Canada, is a band that most rock fans have known since the release of albums such as 2001’s Spiritual Machines and 1997’s Clumsy. With their most recent release, the band has put together an album of 10 amazing tracks that are just about impossible not to like.

Gravity, Our Lady Peace’s fifth album, is probably their best one to date. The first release off of this CD, “Somewhere Out There,” has been getting heavy airplay on the radio, as well as on MTV and VH1. With a song like that, it’s no wonder why. The lyrics tell the story of a girl who has left, but who the singer feels will make her way back to him. From the first listen on, most people will immediately like this tune.

In order to make this album stand out from others that Our Lady Peace has put out, they recruited the help of Bob Rock and mixer Randy Staub. Rock has been the producer for other bands such as Metallica where as Staub has mixed songs for POD and Nickelback. With their help, the band has produced an album with a different sound that puts their album near the top.

The next single from the album, “Innocent,” will continue with the high standards set by “Somewhere Out There.” With lyrics such as “I remember feeling low/I remember losing hope/I remember all the feelings/And the day they stopped/We are we are all innocent,” it’s easy for a listener to identify with what singer Raine Maida is saying. At this point in our lives, most people have experienced these types of feelings.

Although Maida and his voice have a lot to do with the intriguing sound of the songs on Gravity, it also has a lot to do with his other bandmates. The talents of bassist Duncan Coutts, drummer Jeremy Taggart and guitarist Steve Mazur all shine through on the 10 tracks of the CD.

There is something about this album that seems to be rare in the world of CDs. None of the tracks are ones that music fans will want to skip over. In the case of most music purchases, there are at least one or two songs that you’ll want to skip over and never hear again. But, with Gravity, each track draws the listener in and keeps their attention or the duration.

It’s hard to pick standout songs on an album with so many great ones on it. Even so, “All For You,” “Made of Steel” and “Story About a Girl” would rank rather highly if you were to put the songs in order by favorite to least favorite. These, as with the other songs on the CD, are full of lyrics that tell of common things in life that we all can identify with and are backed my strong instrumentals.

Basically, there is only one downside to this album: it only has 10 songs. Once the last track finishes, you’ll be dying to hear more. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait for another album before getting more.

Anyone who is an Our Lady Peace fan or even just a music fan in general should give this album a shot. Our Lady Peace has definitely outdone themselves with Gravity. In fact, their biggest challenge in the future may be trying to top this CD.