Dear Torch,

To the editor,

I was reading one of the articles from the Oct. 30 issue about sleeping in class and getting easy A’s. The writer said something about how we, the students, always look for easy classes with easy professors that would give us an A even if we fall asleep in class.

I do agree with the writer in some ways but not completely. I don’t think that students hate challenges. It’s just that we are afraid of them and we don’t like the outcome of that challenge later. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say that we all are like that. Believe me, some students are out there looking for challenges from their professors. However, professors can’t give that to them.

I think that the students fall asleep or look for easy classes because of one reason and that’s the professors! I think that if a professor made his class more fun and interesting, the students will do anything to take that course even if the class is hard. Students would go for the challenge! And if they think that they will fail the challenge, the professors should look after them. They shouldn’t be babysitting them or looking over their shoulders; nothing like that. Just giving extra time with the student and helping them with the course would be enough. If that were the case, then I think that the students will join the class just for the challenge and some type of experience, knowing that they can accomplish anything in life from that point on.

This is my first year here at SJU, and I think that the professors are not giving enough help to the students who need it. Some professors just care about getting their job done and don’t even look at the inner side of being a teacher. Of course, their job is to teach the students new information and help them understand it, but why not make it fun and interesting at the same time so that students can enjoy what they are teaching?

I know that our teachers have been in our shoes before-that’s how they became teachers-so they should know how we feel about learning, challenges, teachers, tests and all the other stuff. So all I’m suggesting is that don’t blame the students on looking for easy classes. Blame the professors who are getting paid thousands of dollars and not having a single student learn! Now, is the professor doing his job when students fall asleep and not learning?

Laura Park

Junior, Physician’s Assistant