Otto’s Daughter is soon to be on ‘Course’

Close your eyes and attempt to envision the following; five neo-Goth musical slaves spinning on top of an iridescently lit platform, electronic drumming overtaking your senses, becoming hypnotized by the vocals of a shimmering pixie and streams of glitter and confetti blissfully floating towards your face.

Open your eyes and come face to face with the future of industrial music. Open your eyes and welcome Otto’s Daughter.

When German singer/songwriter Jacqueline Van Bierk (JVB) and California native and drumming visionary HH Gadget met in New York City in 1998 and began collaborating, they knew they were on the verge of something remarkable. It took the pair over a year to find the perfect lineup and blend for their self proclaimed “Industrial Popcore” sound and soon after released their debut album, Void of Course. Void of Course is raw and invigorating from beginning to end.

The enthralling “Eins, Zwei, Drei” and “Hush” rely on crunchy hooks that procure the listener to their unique sound from the very start. “Maskenball” is the dark and provocative ballad that will leave an intoxicating taste in your mouth. The masterpiece that takes the band into the realm of genius on the album is the ever-powerful “Fistfull of Lies,” where grinding guitars coincide faultlessly with vocals that are sung with a purpose, fully activating the band’s need for a movement and conveying JVB’s message.

With the success of their first release, Otto’s Daughter surged ahead in 2002 when they set loose the immaculate Renew, the band’s most solid achievement as of yet. With Renew the band set out to truly captivate their essential sound, making it a bit more polished, yet at the core still as menacing as ever.

“Over it” is the ferocious and commanding anthem that starts the disc off with an electronic shock setting the quick and darkly shaded pace of what follows. “Stuck” is the band’s show-opener composed of scattered beats during the verse that lead into the robust and thick chorus, enticing the audience right off the bat.

“B,” the first single to be released and captured on video, is slightly more pop and positive. Backboned heavily by an illuminating drum loop, the song could easily be used as an opening theme song to any adolescent sitcom on today’s TV circuit.

In “Todestanz” and “Renew” JVB revisits her German roots. The two odes are broken up by the refreshing cover of Depeche Mode’s “Stripped.” JVB also shows a more vulnerable side on the turned down “Hail” and the mystifying “Wish.”

The song on Renew that will drop your jaw, however, is “Showgirl,” the band’s closer at their live shows. This song has it all; a thundering bass line, profane and seductive lyrics and live audience participation.

It is a well-known fact that in order for a band to draw mass appeal and intrigue they must have something that largely stands out and is brutally honest at the same time. Otto’s Daughter encompasses that element through their lead singer, the gothic ballerina, JVB.

Image wise, this girl was born to be a superstar with her jet-black hair and petite frame placed meticulously in the gorgeous bold taffeta skirts and performance outfits she wears, all of which she makes herself. She means every single word that leaves her glossed lips, singing them flawlessly with intensity and aggression, which make her attitude and stage presence so riveting. Her microphone stand showcases a glowing disco ball and a naked Barbie hanging by a noose. For those in search of a powerful female role model, look no further than Jacqueline’s empowering lyrics that ooze with words and images of nothing but pure reality.

Otto’s Daughter has been featured in countless publications and heard on big time radio stations, along with headlining such large NYC venues as Irving Plaza, The Downtime and The Hard Rock Caf√©. The band will make the big move to the West Coast this April, but not without one final larger than life performance at the notorious CBGB’s in NYC on Mar. 20 entitled the “OD goes to Hollywood” party. You are cordially invited to join the masses and dance with Otto’s Daughter, the 4 Kings and one Queen of the new Industrial music scene.

Check out to experience the sensation.