Gifts for him… and especially for her

Haven’t purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for that specialsomeone? Don’t worry; there’s still time. And with a little helpfrom your peers, you should have no problem finding that perfectbut inexpensive gift. Step away from the typical red-heart shapedbox of candy this Valentine’s Day. It’s been done, and frankly,many women are bored with it. Be a little more innovative.

Some people like gifts that come from the heart. This isdefinitely a way to show the person that you love you truly careabout them. Homemade gifts are both inexpensive and heartfelt. Somehomemade gift ideas include making a card from scratch, a pictureof the two of you in a frame, a poem or even a letter.

The majority of St. John’s students agree that Valentine’s Dayis overrated. Some feel that Valentine’s Day is a commercialholiday and the only people who truly benefit from this day arestoreowners. Many feel that if you really love and care aboutsomeone then you shouldn’t express your feelings just one day outof the year. However, some just use this as an excuse because theyare too cheap to buy a gift for their girlfriend or boyfriend.Others just say, “Why buy a gift when they can have me? I am theirgift.”

Here are some gift ideas for guys to use. Instead of going toyour nearby Duane Reade and buying the cheapest item possible, somepeople put a lot of thought and effort into their gifts. “I alwaystend to get the girl her favorite flower for Valentine’s,” saidJabou McCoy, an SJU junior.

Some girls absolutely love perfume. And, no, I’m not talkingabout the traditionally overpriced vials of Tommy Girl orObsession. I’m talking about Victoria’s Secret scents. Femaleswould rather have perfume or body spray from Victoria’s Secret forValentine’s Day. And the good part? It’s simple and cheap. Onebottle of body spray at Victoria’s Secret only run about $10.

Although most girls wouldn’t admit that they want jewelry forV-Day, you can never go wrong with a nice trinket. If you’reworried about the cost, don’t fret. Department stores always havesales around this time of year. Despite what some men may think,females are not all about platinum and gold.

Contrary to popular belief, girls are easier to please when itcomes to gifts. Guys, just put a little time and thought into yourgift and you’ll be fine. According to some women, however, it’sharder to shop for a guy than a girl. “If you don’t know what toget your significant other, feel free to ask them what they want,”said Destyni Williams, a junior. “It’s great for that person toknow that their significant other is willing to go the extra mileto make them happy.”

One great gift idea that women agree on is buying theirboyfriend their favorite cologne.

“I’m a little selfish because I’ll buy cologne just so I cansmell it on him,” said Tracy Anang, a junior at the University ofVirginia.

Although, some people feel that shopping for a guy is difficult,there are a variety of gift ideas for men. Wallets and belts arealways a great choice. And for those guys that still have a littlekid in them, videos games are always a hot commodity. Guys can’tget enough of them. DVD’s are another gift idea, just ask your guywhat movie he wants, and you’re good to go. And if you want to getDVD’s for a great price, go to Blockbuster and buy the previouslyviewed ones; they are always cheap.

Of course women tend to be a little more creative and outgoingwith gifts. Some girls just like to pamper their guy for the day.It could be as simple as doing their laundry, cleaning their room,or even making their bed. “Cooking dinner for a guy is a nice andromantic gift,” said freshman Jennifer Daniel. “I think that wouldbe something that any guy would enjoy.”

Overall, Valentine’s Day is what you make of it. It’s not thathard to buy a gift for the one you love. After all, you’re the onewho knows them best. Just go with your gut instinct and you shouldbe fine. It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to please someone thatyou truly love and truly loves you. Be creative and thoughtful withyour gifts.