Fire in St. Albert Hall

St. Albert Hall was evacuated Tuesday morning because of a small chemical fire in one of the laboratories.

At approximately 10:55 a.m., a fire broke out in room 257, one of the many chemistry labs in the building.

According to a University press release, a student who had been working in the lab accidentally heated Ethyl Alcohol at too high a temperature causing a chemical reaction and the subsequent fire.

Ladder companies 125 and 152 of the Fire Department of New York responded to the situation.

The fire was contained and extinguished without any damage to the lab in which the fire took place or to St. Albert Hall.

Thirteen individuals had to be treated for smoke inhalation by paramedics following the incident. Eleven of these individuals chose not to seek further medical attention.

Two individuals, one student and one University employee, were taken to a local hospital for observation.

Faculty and students were allowed to re-enter the building when classes resumed early Tuesday afternoon.