‘Match point’ bores audience with cheating couples


I consider myself to be an avid movie-goer and I watch pretty much anything. This is one movie, however, I wish I didn’t see.

“Match Point” was written and directed by Woody Allen and stars Scarlett Johansson (“The Island,” “Lost in Translation”). She plays the seductive American aspiring actress Nola Rice, who lacks the confidence she needs to “make it” in England. Matthew Goode (“Chasing Liberty”) plays her boyfriend, Tom Hewett, who is constantly defending Rice against his condescending mother.

Tom has a na√ÉØve younger sister, Chloe Hewett Wilton, who is played by Emily Mortimer (“Formula 51”).

Chloe is instantly smitten with Christopher Wilton, who is played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (from the mini TV series “Elvis”). Chris is a powerhouse when it comes to the game of tennis, hence the title of the film.

Tom and Christopher hit it off when they discover their mutual admiration for the opera.

Can you guys guess where this film is going? Of course you can!

Chris meets Nola and he is beside himself. At this juncture, he and Chloe are dating and she desperately wants to “help” him find out what he wants to do with his life. Translation: my family is beyond wealthy and I can get you a well-paying job.

Blinded by his lust for Nola, Chris ends up getting what he wants and sleeps with her. Somewhat remorseful of her actions, Nola becomes cold and distant toward Chris.

Tom eventually grows bored of Nola and breaks up with her and marries someone else. Chloe and Chris get married too. He and Nola continue to see each other and carry on an affair. Chloe is dying to start a family but she isn’t the one who becomes pregnant, Nola is.

The film goes on to be predictable and laced with stereotypes. The British are smart and witty; meanwhile the American is a mess and hardly a joy to be around.

This movie tries so hard to get across the message that comes across is that cheating on your lover or wife will cost you big time. This will have you leading a double life, something that you are not ready for. The alternative form of that message is that you shouldn’t have an affair or your lover will lose his or mind and kill you.

What the message should have been is: don’t have an affair otherwise I’ll make you watch a movie called “Match Point”!

There were a few shocking moments in the movie, however, overall, I can’t say that I enjoyed it. It was too long and took too much time to actually begin.

I was shocked by the ending, but I was too bored to even care. I was just elated that it was over.