Gym Class Heroes Set to Perform at St. John’s

The Gym Class Heroes will be performing at a free concert held at St. John’s University this Fall as a part of the Verizon Wireless Campus Tour.

The alternative hip-hop band, which found major success with its singles “Cupid’s Chokehold” and “Clothes Off,” will be playing in Carnesecca Arena on October 5, starting at 8:00 p.m.

Rap group The Pack will also perform at the event. The concert will be hosted by Campus Activities.

According to Damien Duchamp, Director of Campus Activities, St. John’s had originally planned on having its welcome back concert this Saturday, September 8.
However, to ensure the University would feature the Gym Class Heroes, the concert was postponed until October 5.

“We always do one free concert each year,” said Duchamp, “and we wanted to make sure it was a great one.”

The Gym Class Heroes, originally from Geneva, New York, rose to popularity with their critically-acclaimed 2005 release, The Papercut Chronicles, but found even greater success with 2006’s As Cruel as School Children. The album has sold over 400,000 copies in the United States.

The Pack, a California-based rap group, will also perform at the concert. Their hit single, “Vans,” found critical success in 2006 when Rolling Stone magazine named it number 5 on its “Best Songs of 2006” list.
For the most part, the concert has received an overwhelmingly positive student response.

“I like most of their songs,” said sophomore Laura Dolce. “I would go if I had time.”

Sophomore Tracey Iaconnini agreed, commenting, “I only know one of their songs, but I would still go.”
Some students seemed more enthusiastic about the concert being free than about the Gym Class Heroes.

“I’ve never heard of Gym Class Heroes,” said sophomore John Mikulin, “but if I’m free at that time, I’ll go.”

Other students, however, do not seem enthused about the concert. Junior Christine Chim, for example, feels the bands are not popular enough.

“I wouldn’t go even though it’s free,” said Chim. “I don’t know much about either of them.”

But as sophomore Atif Khan noted, “The free admission makes the concert worthwhile. It’s like the icing on the cake.”