St. John’s passes two, fails one in most recent health inspections

Many of St. John’s dining facilities underwent health inspections by the New York City Deprtment of Health and Mental Hygiene this past month. According to Ken Waldhof, executive director of Auxiliary Services, two cafeterias – one located in Taffner Field House and the Library Jazzman Café – passed their inspections, while the Law School Café failed with a total of 33 violation points.

On Wednesday, October 31, the dining facility at Taffner Field House received a passing score from the Health Department, gaining only eight violation points.

According to Waldhof, “The items cited were the milk and half & half at the coffee service station, which were found at 47 and 48 degrees respectively, compared with the 41 degrees acceptable.” Waldhof went on to note that the problem was “addressed immediately.”

The Library Jazzman Café received a perfect score during its inspection on Friday, November 2, with no items cited.

On the same day, however, the Law School Café failed its inspection, scoring 33 points. “28 points cited was the deli station having no employee hand-wash sink in the station,” said Waldhof, “and 5 points for a food-encrusted can opener in the kitchen.”

Waldhof noted that the can opener was immediately addressed and that St. John’s Facilities Services, in conjunction with the Department of Auxiliary Services, were working to fix the hand-sink matter. This inspection marks the first time the School of Law has failed its inspection.