Smoking: should it be banned on campus?

The idea of a smoking ban on campus has evoked a mixed reaction recently with St. John’s students. These reactions come on the heel of a decision to ban smoking on campus at Montogomery College in Maryland last week.

According to, the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation listed approximately 60 college campuses across the nation like Montgomery that have smoke free policies on their campus.

Biology major Khin Ma feels that St. John’s should follow in the footsteps of Montgomery college.

“I think it’s a great idea because it [the smoke] disturbs me. It bothers me because you smell smoke everywhere while you’re walking on campus.”

Ma also added that it “would be awesome if [the ban] was nationwide.”

Philosophy major Sandro Leyton said that he thinks that a ban would be better for those who do not smoke but there shouldn’t be an all-out ban.

“I think I don’t agree [with the ban] because there are certain areas to smoke outside of the buildings,” Leyton said. “We can’t throw people off campus because they smoke-we can go to non-smoking areas.”

Other students like Kristen Jonus and Shelly Oberoi think that there should be designated areas to for smokers on campus.

“Personally, I want all smokers away from campus,” Oberoi said. “It ruins my health. But to keep the smokers off campus wouldn’t be fair.”

Jonus added, “Even though no one listens to the ’30 feet away from the building’ rule to smoke, there should be open spaces.”

Rosa Tracey, a staff worker in the IT department also took both sides into consideration.

“It’s going to take a lot of time out of their day to go off campus,” Tracey said. “But they should be able to smoke anywhere because isn’t that infringing on their rights?”

However, Tracey said that smoking should not be allowed anywhere close to a building especially in the Marillac corridor. She said that the smoke makes its way into the air and in through the windows of the classrooms nearby.

On the other hand, Pharmacy major Jonathan Lau, who is a non-smoker, said, “They should be allowed to smoke if they want to if it doesn’t bother anyone. Even if they have to go off campus, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem because it’s not that far [to go off campus].”