Flames of the Torch

Campus dining services at St. John’s have made a number of notable improvements for the new school year. While most freshmen won’t be aware of the various changes, returning students can testify to the convenience of newly added locations, food options and extended hours.

The Red Storm Diner is the newest location for dining options on campus and is a telling sign that the University is seeking to offer more convenience and better facilities. The diner is located in the rear of St. Vincent Hall and offers students a selection of standard grill items such as burgers, soups, salads and various appetizer items.

In addition to the grill at St. Vincent’s Hall, the campus will also be graced with several more dining locations when the new D’Angelo Center opens mid-semester. The new building will host a brand new Starbucks Coffehouse and an additional campus cafeteria including amenities like an Asian cuisine station, PiaDori sub and sandwich option, American grill and Italian Bistro, and a pre-made “on-the-go” station for quick fixes.

New changes have also made their way into Montgoris Dining Hall, the current mainstay for most resident students. Along with new extended hours, Montgoris has experienced renovations in the upstairs seating location where large booths and stylish furniture now welcome diners. Dining with friends is now a more comfortable reality at Montgoris and the new furniture provides much needed dining relief.

But from all the new dining locations and options that have been implemented the best news for students are the new late-night options that have been introduced throughout campus.

Starting last year, St. John’s created the first late-night dining option at Montgoris to offer residents a place to get food throughout the night. This alleviated a lack of late-night options for students and became the first after-hours option that the resident village has seen.

Now, in place of the late-night dining program at Montgoris, The Red Storm Diner will be open until 3 a.m. in the morning with the Hungry Johnny C-Store. Additionally, Montgoris has extended its dining hours until 10 p.m. four days a week alongside the new D’Angelo cafeteria and
Starbucks Coffehouse.

The center’s cafeteria will remain open until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday – hours that have been uncommon for campus dining halls in past years. The addition of all these locations and extended hours will also help alleviate long lines and crowds
across campus eateries.

With the bolstering of their late-night dining services, St. John’s is offering students quality, convenient options that improve upon the late-night program started last year.

Students with late classes or meetings can now count on dinner being available to them at later hours. Resident students are no longer forced to walk off-campus or starve when that late-night hunger strikes.

Overall, the changes that have occurred in on-campus dining project a positive result for students. The additional hours and new locations drastically improve the dining scene from what it has been in years past.

It is clear that St. John’s and Chartwells are moving forward in a direction that offers students progressive services and renovated facilities.