Public Safety releases annual report about campus safety

On-campus burglaries and drug law violations on the Queens campus have increased in the last year while reported liquor law violations have decreased, according to the latest University Annual Security Report.

The data, released this month by the Department of Public Safety, details campus crime statistics from the Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, Oakdale, Paris and Rome campuses between 2006 and 2008.

On the Queens campus, the report revealed 69 reported criminal offenses occurred in 2008, 51 of them coming from the residence halls. In 2007, there were 35 reported offenses and there were 48 in 2006.

The report shows the bulk of the crime stemming from on-campus burglaries, which according to Tom Lawrence, vice president of Public Safety, is defined as a case of reported missing property. In 2008, there were 67 cases, which more than doubled the previous year of 32 and is up from 45 cases in 2006.

Of the 67 occurrences last year, 50 of those cases occurred in the on-campus residence halls, an increase from 23 in 2007 and 31 in 2006.

There were also five cases of burglary on off-campus St. John’s property. In 2007 there were not any burglary reports filed.

“In ’08, I think we can put some of that with the new residences that we have on campus,” said Lawrence. “The townhouses and St. Vincent opened up in August of 2008, so we had about 500 additional students living on campus. I think that may have played some role in the increase.”

Lawrence also said that he recently gave a presentation to resident assistants reinforcing campus safety in an attempt to help decrease future offenses.

One case of motor vehicle theft is reported to have occurred on campus in 2008 and one forcible sex offense was reported that year as well