A Delicious Piece of Crepe

When walking down Union Turnpike, it is easy to overlook Crepe ‘n’ Tearia.

On the inside, this small but inviting restaurant is decorated in a modern and chic fashion. The whitewashed walls are offset by the mod furnishing and interesting artwork that decorates the interior. The whole décor of the restaurant is welcoming to a young crowd.

Crepe ‘n’ Tearia has reasonably fast over-the-counter service that allows you to sit down and relax while your food is freshly prepared in front of you.

The back of the restaurant offers a more comfortable lounge with a low set table and floor cushions to sit on. Seating is minimal, so on a crowded day, it may be a wait before you can find a place to sit.

The menu offers a wide variety of dinner and dessert options. The two main types of crepes that you can choose from are sweet and savory.

The sweet crepes are for those craving dessert, with chocolate, ice cream and fruit fillings as popular ingredient. If you are a chocolate lover, the banana and nutella crepe is a must-try item. The rich chocolate taste blends perfectly with the flavor of the banana. Other items on the sweet section of the menu include cheesecake, s’mores and peanut butter and jelly crepes.

The savory crepes consist of either a meat or tofu filling. The “Cheese Lover” crepe is an exception, made with a variety of cheeses. The tofu crepes offer a nice selection of vegetarian options and they have whole wheat options for the health-conscious. All the portions are generous and make for a satisfying meal.

One of the staple items on the menu is the popular drink bubble tea. The beverage originated in China and worked its way to restaurants and cafés in America, becoming a favorite since. It is known for the distinct tapioca balls in the tea and is surprisingly tasty and addictive. Crepe ‘n’ Tearia offers a wide variety of these teas which cost $ 2.50 for a small or $3.25 for a large. You can also choose to order a combination meal which includes a crepe and small bubble tea for $7-10.

Whether you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth or eat dessert on a budget, Crepe ‘n’ Tearia creates a great atmosphere for friends and family to come together, hang out and enjoy tasty food!

Crepe ‘n’ tearia is located on 177-07
Union Turnpike.