Hit or Miss

The 16-year-old teen sensation returns with a second look into his world. My World 2.0 is the latter half of Justin Bieber’s two-part debut album.

Reminiscent of the boy band sound of the ’90s, the album is filled with cheesy lyrics and playful ditties perfect for a grade-school romance. Listeners (most of which are probably 18 and under) will have much to gush over.

The album starts off on a high note with Bieber’s smash hit, “Baby,” featuring rapper Ludacris. The song, produced by Tricky “The Dream” Stewart and Christina Milian, has been infecting the airwaves since its release in January, not to mention appearances from Drake in the video.

R&B fans will be pleasantly surprised by some of Bieber’s tracks such as “Runaway Love” while some songs serve as space-fillers, like “Eenie Meenie,” featuring Sean Kingston. “Overboard” is a duet with singer Jessica Jarrell is a heartbreak anthem that has potential.

Despite the overly sentimental lyrics of a teenager who has yet to hit puberty and wants nothing more to make the world filled with “one less lonely girl,” My World 2.0 is the perfect soundtrack to rock out with your younger siblings or simply mock.

Regardless, Usher’s protégée shows potential and could evolve as an artist as he matures, vocally and mentally.

Like Bieber sings in his song, “Up:” “It’s a big, big world/ And I’m gonna show you all of it.”

Go ahead, Bieber. You do just that.