RE: “S.G.I. budget falls short for student organizations”


RE: “S.G.I. budget falls short for student organizations”

I was absolutely outraged to read the article regarding the SGI Budget.  As a fiscal conservative, I am fully aware of the nation’s need for spending cuts in ever arena – from the Federal Government to good old St. John’s University.  However, the rank hypocrisy of the current SGI Board is astounding.

It’s pretty easy for the current president to scapegoat last year’s board for “Bookkeeping Errors,” but I’d take that implication with a grain of salt. Was last year’s board given any chance to respond to this assertion?  Until they do, I don’t believe it.  (It’s worth noting too that the current President served on last year’s SGI so he should be held partially responsible for any errors).

The fact that the seven executive members are receiving an average of $7k for their “services” is outrageous…while we are led to believe that their service is done with the best of intentions because of a true desire to serve the school and its community, in fact, they are being paid royally for their services.  This flies in the face of everything that the St. John’s Community has been led to believe.

If the SGI Board had any moral scruples, it would immediately suspend the clause of the Constitution that “entitles” them to stipends, and divert their “earnings” back into the general fund.  If they don’t do this, as far as I’m concerned, they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as that other great St. John’s thief – Cecilia Chang.  This sort of atrocity is something I’d expect out of the dysfunctional governing bodies in Albany, or Washington DC—not at one of the premier Universities in America.  Based on this revelation, I’d be hesitant to ever do business with these stooges in the real world.


Michael F. Scott

Class of 2011