Walking Dead Season Finale A True Thriller

Walking Dead Ends Season four with a record breaking 15.7 million viewers.
Walking Dead Ends Season four with a record breaking 15.7 million viewers.


The Walking Dead is a show that constantly delivers every season. The combination of flesh eating zombies and the question of humanity in a world with obstacles and death around every corner equals a groundbreaking supernatural drama.

Season 4 was an emotional roller coaster of people trying to find and establish their changing selves in this new world. Within the first episode of the season, we were introduced to an integrated prison. Former Woodbury residents, new comers, and the remainder of the original prison group live together peacefully. To reinforce this new age of harmony we were also introduced to a new Rick, one who has since created of a council and has took on the role of a farmer instead of a leader.

After this peek of sanctuary, we are quickly brought back to reality. The prison faced an unprecedented threat in zombie history, sickness. An outbreak of a vicious illness disrupts the hardly fought for happiness and safe haven the prison provided. This flu like illness ripped threw the prison, turning those who did not receive medication in time into walkers and saving those who did.

With wellness on the horizon, a looming and unaccounted for threat approached, The Governor. He initially looked like a changed man but the man we all love and hate quickly remerged. The Governor’s reign of terror finally came to a head resulting in an epic fight between Rick and The Governor. The Governor’s invasion of the prison and its chaotic conclusion helped lay the groundwork set to break loose mid-season.

In the second half, the survivors of the prison assault were broken up into groups. Leaving good people trying to survive in a world full of bad people and bad choices. Before long all of the groups are introduced to Terminus. “Those who arrive survive” cited a cryptic message displayed on maps along the train tracks, setting the end game for the season.

In the season finale, Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl are at the mercy of a group of ruthless marauders out for revenge and blood. With the eminent rape of his son and the deaths of the others, Rick has had enough and finally snaps helping to brutally kill the marauders. After this night of terrors, we get emotional revelations from both Carl and Michonne. Carl fears that he cannot be the man that his father wants him to be and Michonne reveals that change is possible because she has changed thanks to Rick and the others but most importantly because of Carl.

Once arriving at the too perfect Terminus the group indeed finds out that it is too good to be true, getting a glimpse at the cult like horrors of terminus. Bitter sweetly they end up reuniting with their prison family and new additions inside of a locked storage crate.

Overall, season 4 did not disappoint nor did it sugarcoat the controversial elements featured. The season ended by bringing over 15.7 million viewers breaking rating records, and leaving fans with wagging tongues wanting more.