Fashion Forward: Back To School

Say goodbye to shorts and flip flops because summer is coming to its scheduled end, and the season for fall fashion has finally begun. For students, the fall means the start of a new school year and a chance to flaunt new styles as well as revive old ones. Here are a few tips and trends that will have anyone looking like the most stylish coed on campus.

Consider the shades of the season and the shift in hues from bright to subtle. In preparation for the black and gray winter, the colors of choice for fall are more muted. Some colors to keep an eye out for the next time while shopping are khaki brown, olive, dark greens, plums, and understated reds. Tuck away the neons for the spring.

One of the most accessible styles for fall is denim.  Denim jackets, shirts, and blue jeans are all the rage and can be easily customized as well as perfectly matched in any outfit. However, it is very easy to flub this trend by overdoing it. For example, a chambray shirt and a great pair of blue jeans is a great to look chic and feel comfortable but a button-down, blue jeans, and a denim jacket can look like a person got lost in a jean factory. The great Coco Chanel once said, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” Simplicity is key.

A trend that both male and females can rock is the ‘50s and‘60s era-themed pieces. The success of the AMC show Mad Mencan be looked to for inspiration. During the spring fashion week, several designers including Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana sent models down the runway in outfits that seemed to come from the show’s wardrobe department. The characters on Mad Men dress impeccably in their dapper suits and curvy couture: the men show off their polished plaids and the ladies flourish in florals. Watching just one episode of the awarding winning show can give anyone plenty of outfit ideas.

For women, it is all about featuring curves and cleavage in a tasteful way.To achieve this look, sweetheart neck lines and dresses with cinched waists are the way to go. Slim slacks especially those with high waistlines are a better option than the shutter-inducing jegging (jean leggings).

For the guys, it is very important to consider the fit of your clothing. Nothing says well-dressed like impeccable tailoring. When deciding on a classy look for school, it is unnecessary to wear a full business suit. Even when keeping it casual, a blazer or vest with a pattern can turn an outfit from plain to extraordinary.

It is important not to forget footwear. For both men and women, boots seem to be the popular choice. Different variations of the boot are popping up everywhere. Both boat shoes and moccasins emerged last fall and this year, they have transformed into their own form of a boot. Some hybrids even exist as a cross between the popular shoe styles. For school, it is best to look for those with neutral colors such as black and brown for day-to-day wear that virtually match any outfit. If one is looking for a signature boot, a Doc Marten can vamp up an outfit with their selection of different colors and prints.

Most college students are more worried about paying tuition than buying clothes straight from the runways. Good places to shop for affordable and trendy pieces are Urban Outfitters, H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and vintage thrift stores. The most important part of any outfit, however, is confidence, which can’t be bought in any store.