Reality Sets In for American Pie

The old American Pie gang has reunited once more for an immature take on growing up, in the film
American Reunion that hit theaters April 5.

Viewers find that despite the time that has passed by, the group continues to deal with the same
issues they dealt with in high school. In the movie, it has been 13 years since the group’s high school
graduation and they have returned to the little town of East Great Falls for their reunion.

Long-time friends Jim Levenstein (Jason Biggs), Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), Chris “Oz”
Ostreicher (Chris Klein), Kevin Myers (Thomas Ian Nicholas) and Steven Stifler ( Seann William Scott)
have come together after going their separate ways soon after their graduation.

The last time audiences experienced the American Pie shenanigans was in 2003 when Jim and Michelle
(Alyson Hannigan) tied the knot in American Wedding. Since then, it seems that everyone has built their
own adult lives by getting married, being in serious relationships, having prosperous careers and even
becoming parents.

On the outside, they all seem to have everything pretty much under control, with Oz having a successful
career as an NFL Sportscaster in Los Angeles, Michelle and Jim having their baby boy Evan, Kevin being happily
married and working as an architect from his home. Finch and Stiffler, on the other hand, have not had
the same luck as it turns out that Finch is an Assistant Manager at Staples and Stiffler is a temp at an
investment firm.

At the beginning of the movie we, learn that parenthood has taken a toll on Jim and Michelle’s
relationship by leaving them very little time for intimacy. The couple struggles with the same
awkwardness in their sex lives that became so familiar to the franchise’s fans since the two first became
a couple in the original installment of the films.

Their loyalty to each other is put to the test when an attractive young woman, Kara (Ali Cobrin), who Jim
used to babysit, declares her love for him. Jim does not give in to temptation despite Kara’s attempts—
one in which she strips off her clothes in front of him, in one of the film’s most memorable scenes.

Kevin also struggles with fidelity as he encounters his high school sweetheart Vicky (Tara Reid), and he
wakes up nude next to her after attending a high school party the previous night. Kevin cannot live with
the guilt that the idea of him cheating on his wife brings him which causes a strain on his friendship with
his ex-girlfriend.

After a disastrous party, the group dismantles and things fall apart. As Jim and Michelle get into an
argument, Finch gets arrested and Stifler realizes that in the real world there is no room for his party-animal tendencies.

After a moment of clarity, the crew reunites for their American Reunion, which came and went quickly
with no fuzz. The movie’s most memorable connection was the one between widower Noah Levenstein
(Eugene Levy) and Jeannine Stifler (Jennifer Coolidge), better known as Stifler’s mom.

After the crazy parties, run-ins with old romances and a few less than mature moments in American Reunion, the comedic friends get a reality check and realize that the party may just be over for