Editor’s Note on special Valentine’s Day section

In the midst of college, it is sometimes difficult to imagine marrying someone, but many couples who go on to be married first meet at St. John’s.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I interviewed three married couples from St. John’s. Two of these couples met at St. John’s and one couple, both St. John’s alumni, met after they graduated. These couples span from ages 26 to 78. One couple is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year, and another is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Valentine’s Day is not necessarily all about love between couples. Love comes in all different forms, whether that love is between friends, lovers, significant others or siblings. Love is love. These couples all have their own unique story, and in the end, all of their stories connect to St. John’s. There are many love stories that begin at St. John’s these are just a glimpse.

Whether it be meeting in Montgoris Dining Hall or meeting at a wedding for a St. John’s alum, these couples all have a story. There are many couples who have met at St. John’s over the years- perhaps you know some.

No matter where this Valentine’s Day takes you, I hope it is filled with love. And I hope the stories these St. John’s couples have shared inspire you to create your own love story. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Shannon Luibrand, Features Editor