No tricks, just treats this Halloween

Tiana Brownie, Contributing Writer

Halloween is right around the corner solidifying that fall has arrived. We can all admit it’s one of the most festive and celebrated holidays’ of the year that brings us together to celebrate with costumes, tricks and treats! An obvious favorite, of children and adults alike, even more than the costumes, are the treats.

To get into the spirit, here are some spots throughout New York City that you can find delicious Halloween desserts!

  1. Georgetown   Cupcakes

If you’re a classic cupcake lover, Georgetown makes some of the best. The D.C. bred cupcakery (a mashup of cupcake and bakery that totally does not exist in the dictionary), produces moist and delicious cupcakes baked fresh in house everyday. This year, their Halloween themed varieties includes: Spider and Web, Bats and Ghouls and a Haunted House dozen; which are also available as single full size and mini cupcakes. (Georgetown Cupcakes, 11 Mercer St, NY)

  1. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Twinkie lovers rejoice, Dylan Lauren feels the same way about the sweet yellow spongy cakes as you do. The famous candy shop will have a limited edition variety chocolate dipped and wrapped mummy Twinkie. A favorite among customers is the ‘Green Booger’ popcorn, which is super fun to eat if you’re not easily grossed out. If you’re feeling extra festive try one of their molded white chocolate lab rat lollipops! (Dylan’s Candy Bar, 1011 3rd Avenue, NY)

  1.  Jaques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres is a chocolatier who was raised in France and moved to America to open his chocolate shop in 2000. Dubbed as Mr. Chocolate, every year his shop creates delicious Halloween treats for us. He has multiple locations throughout the city from the Upper East Side all the way down to SoHo and even one in DUMBO Brooklyn. If you swing by, try the variation of white, milk and dark chocolate ghosts and ghouls. If you have a super sweet tooth, try the ‘Jacques’ Haunted House dessert, which is a combination of all three chocolates in a hand carved treat. (66 Water St, Bk)

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley is no stranger to the odd things in life. During their halloween exhibit, located right in the heart of Times Square, don’t be afraid to try their Halloween treats that will be scattered throughout mazes and exhibits. The event takes place on Oct. 28 from 8-11:55 p.m. All treats are free with the $20 admission for the night. (Ripley’s Believe it or Not 234 W 42nd St, NY )

  1. Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market, right under the famous High Line, is a bazaar filled with a variety of artisanal shops. Throughout the Halloween season, various shops will have Halloween themed treats available until November. Already themed year round, the Fat Witch brownie bakery will have Halloween decorated treat bags, and a wide range of brownies (10 flavors to be exact). Go for the minis as they allow you to try more flavors at a cheaper cost. Some favorites include the caramel and walnut witch babies. You will also be able to trick or treat throughout the market on Oct. 30 during their annual Halloween event. (Chelsea Market 75 9th Avenue, NY)