Letters to the Editor

The following letters were sent to the Torch in response to the Nov. 16 article “The Trump Window.”

Dear Editor,

It appears that there are some ( very few I hope) at your school who have demonstrated their lack of understanding (ignorance?) of the basics of American standards for the free speech rights of their political opponents. They exposed themselves by objecting to a small “Trump-Pence” flag displayed in the window of your Century Hall. Those fascists claim that display of political free speech “constitutes harassment.” They then attempted to smear those citizens with every crime against the policies and anti-civilization beliefs of the far left.

Please educate those students as to “free speech,” “academic freedom” and their inferior causes.

Respectfully and hopefully yours,

James Pawlak

Dear Editor,

I am a 56-year-old white retired police officer. My grandparents and parents told me to always respect other people. They always taught me the value of hard work. At 15 years old I knew I wanted to be a police officer. When I got older I wanted to give something back to this great nation. Being a police officer, I had a great job and a way to protect people who could not protect themselves.

The reason I am writing you is a story I saw on the internet about a “Trump” sign in a window. I would like to write the student who is living in the Century Hall dorm. If I could write a letter to him, I don’t know his name because he would not use it, I would want to ask him, “what the hell is wrong with your generation?” In the 40s there were 15 & 16-year-old boys at Normandy. They died so you could be free! Eight years ago Obama took the White House. It has been a long eight years. I have not seen the GOP burning down stores and blocking streets. Your generation has “cry-ins.” A college has called in people you can talk to. There are universities that brought crayons and Play-Doh to help calm students. What is a “cry-in?” What do you need to talk about? And crayons & Play-Doh? A female at a college saw “Trump” written on a sidewalk. She went to the President and told him she did not feel safe. Maybe you need to pick-up your ball and go home. I don’t think you and your friends are ready for the real world. How can the greatest nation on the face of the earth raise a whole generation of “cry-babies?” Last week a police officer made a traffic stop. The driver walked back to the squad car and pulled the officer out and was beating him. A man stopped to help the officer. Thank God he was armed. The man told that man to stop. The subject was trying to get the officer’s sidearm out. The officer was yelling “shoot him.” The man did and saved the officer. If I was still a officer and that was happening to me, I bet you would drive by and not even help!

Thank-you so much for your time in this matter for me. I hope you passed my letter on to that kid. Or you put it into your newspaper. I’m sorry this letter is in long hand but being a retired officer I can’t afford a copy/printer to write my letters. I’m sure he will not write me back but I hope you do. You being on a college campus maybe you can somehow tell me how the greatest nation ever has lost a whole generation. It is so sad!

Thank you so much,