Fears and hopes on the results of the presidential election

Rasheeda Campbell, Staff Writer

Upon waking up Wednesday morning after Election Day, I immediately grabbed my phone to see the election results.  I was devastated after reading that the new president of the United States of America will be Donald J. Trump. Even though Trump was leading in states that Tuesday night, I still had hope that more votes would come in for Hillary Clinton allowing her to win the presidency. Throughout the entire day I could not accept the fact that after Trump is inaugurated in January 2017, he will be running this country for the next four years. To many others, including myself,  it sounds like a complete nightmare.

In my opinion, the election results were unfair. According to CNN, as of that Wednesday evening, Clinton had 59,755,284 popular votes while Trump had 59,535,522 popular votes. That is a 219,762 difference. However, the reason why Trump was able to take the election was because he had 290 Electoral College votes, while Clinton only had 228 Electoral College votes. I strongly believe that the popular vote should hold more weight than the Electoral College vote. Over 59 million people voted for Clinton. That should mean something. Trump being able to win because of the Electoral College votes is like saying that our votes do not count.  

It seems as though things in the United States are going backwards instead of forwards, especially since Trump is going to be the new leader of this country. My biggest fear is that some of the worst parts of American history will be repeated. However, I have realized that it is not just up to the president to prevent the horrible parts of history in America from being repeated, but it is up to the people of this country.

I understand how upset voters and angry protestors feel, but we must let go of any hatred we may have for our president-elect. We will go onward. Our president-elect has shown ways of being racist, sexist, and intolerable — among many other distasteful qualities. This, however, does not mean we should give up and turn our backs on America. The people of this country need to come together in peace. I believe that the only way for this country to be able to really move forward and progress is that if the people of America begin to truly love, tolerate and support each other.