Hillary Clinton’s most stylish moments so far


Wandy Ortiz, Staff Writer

Before we knew her as the 2016 Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, Secretary of State, First Lady or the queen of pantsuits, there existed a Hillary Rodham Clinton who reflected the era of the “modern woman” with her sense of style.

Politics aside, we have to admit that for someone who has been in the socio-political limelight for as long as she has, she wears her fashion years rather well.

High-profile publications from Vogue to the New York Times have all taken a moment during this election year to comment on the woman who embraces trends and makes them undoubtedly and iconically Hillary.

Let’s take a look through the decades to see some of her best moments (with just a few pantsuits).

Although we all know Hillary Rodham Clinton for a lot more than just what she wears, her outfit selections have become an integral part of her public identity that we either love, hate or seek to emulate.

When politics are at play, everything from an individual’s stance on public policy to what name brand watch they’re wearing is under fire.

Even so, Hillary’s ability to be a fashion chameleon in the eyes of all the world over the course of at minimum the last four decades is something truly commendable in the eyes of fashion lovers.

Now, more than ever we know this signature 60s college look. Striped, flowing high-waisted pants, leather sandals, a button- down and some rimmed glasses to tie it all together makes Hillary a chic, but serious and studious Wellesley woman. I’d wear this outfit and straighten my hair tomorrow if I could.

Stepping away from the academic and political style scene, it’s actually on Clinton’s wedding day that she channels the free spirited flow of the 70s in a floor length lightweight cream colored gown, featuring voluminous hair. Seems like all she’d need in the 2000s for a stroll down SoHo was a fringed vest and some booties.

Hillary as the Jackie O of the 90s, if such an honor could be bestowed upon a fellow First Lady. Pink, pearls and a smile are sure proof that this reoccurring display of femininity commands attention. Red-rimmed glasses and a pop of color amidst a soft pink recall today’s current trend of glasses not just for utility, but as a fashion statement as well.

To top it all off, Clinton’s stark white suit balances out her other fashion feats in a different way. While orange says “look at me, I’m here,” white exudes confidence without drenching you in it. Quiet and demure in style, this ensemble choice to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination certainly will not be forgotten.