We will surely miss President Obama’s dad style

Reza Moreno, Features Editor

With Barack Obama’s term ending soon, it is hard to say goodbye to one of the most hippest young presidents we have had since John F. Kennedy. With the help of having two young daughters, Obama for sure knows how to pull off that embarrassing dad look.

Of course, the POTUS’s style improved over the course of his two terms. We will sure miss the countless photos taken of Obama from his first term of his famous polo shirt, denim jeans and sandals combo.

Nothing like a typical dad look to make your day. He has done it all from the Hampton’s looking salmon button up with khakis combo for a bright spring day, to the perfect fitted black and tie affair for the biggest occasions.

He can look sporty when out playing  golf to looking military inspired when visiting America’s greatest heroes. Obama has given more than inspiration when it comes to our wardrobe, but to our lives too.

We cannot lie by saying he had one of the greatest partners in style to elevate his look, First Lady, Michelle Obama.