Women’s tennis splits weekend set, heads into final game on high note

During Friday’s match against fellow Big East opponent Seton Hall, the St. John’s women’s tennis team deemed themselves victorious with a tight 4-3 win at home. While coming close to grabbing the doubles point, the Johnnies stormed back in the midst of going on an aggressive rally by winning four out of six matches during singles competition.

With huge contributions from senior Diamond Adams during singles play with pure domination with a 6-4, 6-0 win to put St. John’s atop of Seton Hall at 2-1. Freshman Stephanie Elgegren nabbed a commanding 6-0, 6-2 win as well in the number five singles slot. With the win from Adams during singles, that marked her fifth consecutive win. During Adams run St. John’s has gone 4-1 over the length of the run.

The Pirates still stuck around as they managed to grab a three set win in sixth singles, the Red Storm’s junior Nastya Polyakova made sure Seton Hall didn’t gain any momentum to get a 6-3, 7-6(4) victory in the first slot to pave the way for freshman Anna Morozova to clinch with the second slot during singles play. The St. John’s women’s tennis team finally put the Pirates of Seton Hall away to get a much-needed win heading into their match against Rutgers as the regular season is nearing a close.

As the St. John’s women’s tennis team took on Rutgers on Sunday, the Red Storm found themselves topped by the Scarlet Knights as they walked away with a 6-1 loss. As senior, Diamond Adams gears up to play her final regular season match next; she came up big during the number four singles slot making it her sixth consecutive victory. Unfortunately, such a huge contribution from Adams wasn’t enough to lift the short-handed Red Storm over Rutgers.

Junior, Nastya Polyakova, attempted to follow in the footsteps of Adams to nab another victory during singles play where she successfully held onto the first set at 6-4 but eventually ended up letting the following sets slip away. In the midst of doubles play, senior Yanita Arnaudova & freshman Anna Morozova managed to grab a 8-5 win in the first slot making it their ninth win in doubles, leading the team.

With Coach Bertrand citing injuries being the reason behind the team’s struggles, the St. John’s women’s tennis team now looks forward to overcoming the adversity they have faced and finish strong as they prepare to play Big East rival Villanova on Thursday, April 17th and wrap up the 2014 regular season as they currently stand at 9-8 overall in the season and 3-0 in conference play.