Linkin Park Takes On The Coliseum

A stacked line-up hit the Nassau Coliseum on Friday night for the Projekt Revolution Tour.

Headlining the event was Linkin Park, the band that sold the largest amount of albums in 2001. Not too shabby, considering this is a band made up of regular guys who lived normal lives until the day their first single, “One Step Closer,” made a splash on the Billboard charts.

The members of the Projekt Revolution tour consisted of Adema, led by Korn’s Jonathan Davis’ half brother, Mark “Marky” Chavez. They showed that they could hold a crowd’s attention themselves by batting out a 30-minute set, which included their hit “The Way You Like It.”

With the crowd still filing in, DJ Z-Trip entertained during the intermission, holding a DJ contest. The participants were local DJs trying to prove their worth to the sold-out crowd.

After the fierce battle, the veteran group of the three acts, Cypress Hill, took the stage. Starting off with the classic hit “If I Could Just Kill a Man,” Cypress Hill played some old tracks, but mostly new ones off their latest album, “Stoned Raiders.” They proved that they can still hold the crowd’s attention

The mosh pit was ready for Linkin Park to come out on stage. When they did, mayhem arose. Throughout the show, both lead singers, Chester Bennington and Mike Shindona, got involved by entering the crowd while singing a unique style of music, blending hardcore rock, hip-hop and electronic music. Rocking a blue buttoned-down shirt, Chester showed off his new brown hairdo, as opposed to his notorious bleached blonde spikes. These two lead singers are not afraid to interact with the crowd, talking throughout the set and making the crowd sing along with their most notable tracks such as “In the End” and “Crawling.” Throughout the hour set, the band played all their hits off their successful “Hybrid Theory” album, while also playing their first EP, “Rock a Rhyme Like This.”

To end the show, Linkin Park invited Adema, Cypress Hill and DJ Z-Trip to help sing the song that got them on the charts, “One Step Closer.” The crowd roared. The harmonizing voice of Bennington and the lyricist styles of Shindona showed through the singing crowd. Every single fan was on their feet screaming “Shutup” (a line in the song) at the top of their lungs and remained standing after the curtain came down.

Overall, the show was one of fun times. Each band was out there to play their music and entertain a crowd, which they succeeded at. Chavez of Adema told the audience that his boss was out in the crowd, so he had to show his stuff, while Bennington of Linkin Park preached to the crowd that music is about diversity and hopes that the Projekt Revolution continues throughout the years. Even if Linkin Park is not on the ticket, he wants everyone to support diversity in the music industry. Looking at the crowd, you could see the diversity that he spoke of.