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‘Hostel’ takes torture and gore to a new level

What do you get when you mix the creative direction of Eli Roth, some zest from Quentin Tarantino, and a splash of blood?

You end up with the new thriller movie “Hostel.” It takes more and more these days to scare the average movie-goer, but the creators of “Hostel” seem to reach a new level of suspense.

What makes a good horror movie appear believable is the element of realism. The idea that something you are watching could actually happen makes a movie seem even more terrifying. That is exactly the case in “Hostel.”

The movie starts off with two jerky friends traveling to Amsterdam to fulfill their ultimate college fantasies. Once they have arrived in Europe, they meet up with another buddy from Iceland and together they begin cruising the streets looking for legal drugs.

The group hops from one bar to another in search of the three B’s: booze, beer, and babes. Acting on a tip they receive from one of the locals, they travel to Slovakia where there are supposedly beautiful girls who line up to be with out-of-town men, especially tourists. Blinded by the idea of having their greatest fantasies fulfilled, the trio does not realize that they are being set up by the beautiful women who want more from them than just a “good time.”

One by one, they disappear into a world where torture and murder reign. They discover a secret society and find out the real reason why these beautiful women are so eager to meet tourists.

During the second half of “Hostel,” it is best that all movie snacks are put down. The gruesome scenes begin and the blood does not stop.

If you have seen the movie “Saw,” that will give you an idea of the gory, blood-spilling torture that takes place. It leaves you wondering what else could they possibly think of to gross you out.

Then, when you get a quick five-second break from the torture and decide to stuff a handful of popcorn in your mouth, the movie hits you with even more unthinkably disgusting scenes.

This movie will definitely have you and your friends talking, whether it is about the good parts of the movie or about how sick to your stomach you are after seeing it.

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