Chris Bridges, aka Ludacris, is ready to expose his new level of maturity to his devoted listeners, and the rest of the public. With his role in the Oscar winning film Crash, and his promotion to CEO of Disturbing Tha Peace Records, the 28 year old from Atlanta has expanded his talents for his fans to enjoy.

Ludacris doesn’t hesitate to implement brutally honest lyrical content in his new album, Release Therapy, which has been in circulation since Sept. 26.

Release Therapy revolves around the theme of the conflicts, pressures, frustrations and responsibilities of everyday life for the common individual. The lyrics that he unloads are more than overwhelming to say the least.

“Tell it Like it Is” sets the tone for the album, and addresses personal conflicts with rapper Chingy, among others, making statements such as, “We never took no money from Chingy, I thought I was cool with him/I wish him well but I don’t want nothing to do with him.”

Likewise, “Mouths to Feed,” yet another standout of the album, addresses the pressures that confront the head of a household. “I gotta feed my family by all means necessary/ because paychecks are coming up shorter than February.”

Another track,”Runaway Love,” featuring Mary J. Blige, demonstrates the problems and hardships that the youth of America face on a daily basis through the use of various vignettes.

The extensive use of metaphors in his more mature lyrical content, paired with catchy Ludacris-crafted beats creates a perfect harmony for another noteworthy album, which seems to come on command for Chris Bridges, his birth name.

With songs featuring a wide range of artists such as Young Jeezy, Pharrell, Field Mob, Bobby Valentine, R. Kelly, Beanie Sigel, and Mary J. Blige, it helps the album sound more versatile.

Those seeking a traditional Ludacris album containing funky beats, mind-blowing lyrics, and rhymes that seemed impossible, will find that Release Therapy offers that and more.

Although this is his sixth album, Ludacris has dedicated himself to the industry for years go come. Currently, he’s formulating his next album, Theater of the Mind, which will be released in 2007.