Q&A with Captain Eugene Lawrence

Q: How does it make you feel to be voted captain unanimously?
A: It makes me feel good that the players feel confident in me and that they feel I can be a good leader on the team.

Q: How have you changed personally in your time playing for St. John’s?
A: I think I’ve progressed a lot. My shooting got better during the last two years and my skills as a leader, on and off the court, have improved.

Q: What has been your experience so far with the newcomers?
A: We’ve been working out since the summer. They’ve been with the team and we’ve got a great relationship. They fit in with our system.

Q: As a junior, do you feel like a
veteran and a leader?
A: Yeah, I think so. I’ve been in the league two seasons already and I feel I know enough to teach them and let them know how things are going to be.

Q: What do you think about the makeup of the team this year?
A: It [is] a nice build to mix some old guys with the new guys. It brings a lot of versatility. Players can do multiple things so it improves our play and helps the program

Q: What are you expecting from the team this season?
A: I expect us to try to make it to postseason play. Our coach did some good recruiting this offseason and I feel the team has gotten better in a lot of aspects. We can do big things toward the end of the year.