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Bryan Greenberg must have been making a promise to his fans, or maybe to himself, when he recorded this song. After an on again off again relationship with “One Tree Hill” as Jake Jagielski, Greenberg starred in a few movies along side big name actors like Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep and even recorded a two-track demo. He inevitability returned, however, to the small screen this spring on ABC’s “October Road.” The show premiered on Thursday, March 15 at 10 p.m.

“October Road” is the about Nick Garrett, an acclaimed novelist who returns home after 10 years. The problem? In his novel he bashed all of his hometown friends and his old life. His editors are pushing him for a sequel and Nick has no inspiration; he heads home to find some, only to discover that life in Knight’s Ridge changed just as much as he had. His friends have started families and his ex-girlfriend has a nine-year-old son. Could this possibly be Nick’s offspring? The question is still unresolved by the end of the second episode but all roads lead to “yes.” The timing is right; the kid even has Nick’s eyes.

(On a side note: I’m beginning to wonder if Bryan Greenberg likes playing young dad roles. His “One Tree Hill” character was a teenage single father and now Nick Garrett might have fathered a child and then left town for 10 years without so much as a word. Hmm…interesting.)

“October Road” reminds me of “Everwood,” but older. Maybe it’s the setting, Knight’s Ridge, Massachusetts. Small town, simple lives, lots of drama. Then there is the whole New York big-shot arriving and shaking the delicate balance that lets the entire town function properly. Or it could be the fact that the show has familiar WB casting, with Greenberg and Geoff Stults, of “7th Heaven” fame. “October Road” is not a show that would have survived on the CW, as shown by the cancellation of “Everwood” last year, but then again, not many CW shows seem to be surviving this premier season. On the ABC 10-spot following “Grey’s Anatomy,” however, it offers an interesting contrast to the medical drama before it and is sure to bring further success to the network.

Greenberg is cast against Laura Prepon, (“That ’70s Show”), who plays Hannah, Nick’s ex-girlfriend, and Tom Bernger, who plays his father. These are only a few of the names to grace this cast. It’s only two episodes in but already the show has a feel of family and small town. It’s as if the cast has known each other for ages with how well they connect on screen. It doesn’t hurt that Greenburg and Stults are nice eye candy for the ladies while Prepon definitely offers something for the guys.

Episodes are available on, and be sure to catch this week’s episode on Thursday at 10 p.m.