Leadership development gives students the chance to get involved

Throughout the Fall Semester, students have been learning how to be future leaders through St. John’s LEAD program.

LEAD, which is an acronym for Leadership, Education, and Development, began about eight years ago. Students are given the opportunity to participate in workshops, training sessions, and overnight conferences, all of which are geared towards honing critical thinking, oral presentations, time management, and leadership skills.

“It gives students an opportunity to get involved on campus, meet new people, and professionally develop,” said Natalie Maio, Associate Director of Leadership Development. “The skills learned in LEAD will help students in their classes and in their future careers.

Sponsored by the Department of Student Life, LEAD is split into the certificate program and the non-certificate program. Those participating in the certificate program have specific requirements they must fulfill in order to move through its four different stages: emerging leaders, established leaders, experienced leaders, and capstone leaders.

Students enrolled in the non-certificate program can attend any of LEAD’s many events if they choose to.

LEAD has a slew of events planned for this month, one of which focuses on St. Louise de Marillac and the Vincentian tradition and another that deals with civility and how the manner in which one speaks to another makes a much greater impact than most people expect.

LEAD also has a special program in the certificate program entitled Women in Leadership. The program was established in June 2006 and seeks to build leadership skills through workshops, seminars, and training.

Those involved in LEAD can also obtain co-curricular transcripts, a detailed record of a student’s activities outside of classes that helps in developing resumes. This type of transcript includes athletic awards, honor societies, clubs, community service, and leadership roles.