Trick or Treat: Halloween party fog machine sets off UC fire alarm

Students at a University Center Halloween party were given a small fright last night.

According to public safety and FDNY officials at the scene, mist from a fog machine during MuMufest, an annual Halloween-themed costume party put on by P.A.R.E., LASO, the African Students’ Association and other student groups, triggered the building’s fire alarm.

Authorities said the alarm activated shortly after 8:25 p.m., mistaking the fog for smoke and leaving nearly 60-70 costumed students outside for about more than 25 minutes.

Once students were allowed back inside the U.C., the party resumed.

Junior Dave Trias, events coordinator for P.A.R.E., said the party “was successful despite the interruption.”

“At first, we thought the alarm was some effect the DJ put on,” he said. “But then everyone saw the flashing lights and when we went outside the fire trucks should up, so we realized it was serious.”

Trias said the fire alarm made the party one to remember.
“Everyone thought it was kind of funny,” he said. “It definitely made it one of the most memorable parties this year.”