Construction on campus aims to beautify

The construction of a stairway over Lourdes Hall began last month in the latest effort to enhance the aesthetic feel of the University.

Over the past year, several large and small scale construction projects have taken place throughout the campus.

Recently, the makeovers of St. Augustine Hall and Carnesecca Arena, St. Vincent Hall, the RedStorm Café, and the D’ Angelo Center have brought new life to the campus.

This newest project also comes with a new fountain and redecoration of the lower level of the University grounds. The entire undertaking is the completion of the university’s plan to revitalize of the area around the D’ Angelo Center ,and also to complement the Great Lawn on the upper level.

Brij Anand, vice president of Facilities, said that plans to revitalize the campus existed long before the end of last year, when all the construction started.

“There was always a plan to upgrade the lower level, and this project is simply a continuation of the D’ Angelo Center,” he said. According to him, the remaining funds from the same source made this venture possible.

The entire project includes the new staircase, located by the Marillac breezeway between the Global Language and Culture Center and Newman Hall, a large fountain and the entire lawn enclosing Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall and Chiang Ching Kuo Hall.

Although the breezeway already has a set of steps which connect pedestrians to the lower level, it was decided that a new set of stairs would be more efficient instead of repairing the old staircase.

Anand said that the university community can expect to access the area as early as October 1st of this year and that there are no more plans for construction following this project’s completion.

He also said that the enhancements will help the student population by making them more comfortable in their learning surroundings.

“Based on research, if you can improve the academic environment, students will have a better educational experience” said Anand.