Rob the rich to give to poor

Comedy duo Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, unite to give audiences the action-comedy film, which was released 
Nov. 4.
Directed by Brett Ratner, the No. 2 film 
in the nation tells the story of a group of hard-working employees whose new boss is a wealthy businessman scheming to obtain maximum profit at the hotel. 
They all soon come together to rob his high-rise residence 
to take back what’s owed to them.
Josh Kovaks (Stiller) is the building manager and finds himself victim to Ponzi scheme of wealthy businessmen, including building resident Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda). After confronting Shaw, several employees 
create a plan to steal back the pension. The plot 
is filled with twists and turns, laughs and 
unexpected action.
With an all-star cast that contains two legendary 
comedic Hollywood actors, Tower Heist serves up more than just a few belly laughs. The film primarily 
seems like an action film, but increasingly evolves into hilarity as the plot unfolds.
Josh Kovaks is a character slightly too conservative for an actor like Ben Stiller. He is rarely seen 
in his over-the-top style of humor throughtout the film and never quite reaches the potential audiences have grown to know and love from the Meet the 
Parents actor.
Kovaks leads his fellow employees through 
the plan while the others steal his spotlight. Similar 
to Stiller, Murphy also comes up short because he is 
so reserved. Through his role as Slide, a clever 
ex-con with street smarts and a quick wit, Murphy 
contributes a few laughs and giggles but the role 
does not at all compare to classic Eddie 
Murphy performances.
Overall, the roles did not allow these actors to 
fully flourish, yet even with limitations their roles were 
executed marvelously. The two men are without a doubt hysterical on their own, but together they are a 
comedy dream.
Tower Heist is the cinematic model of an upscale real estate. The film utilizes great production techniques and lavish designs to highlight the Columbus Circle’s 
eye-catching and glamorous structure. Tower Heist uses a clever and popular tactic often seen with heist 
films; it pulls the audience into the planning, the string 
of events and manipulations while allowing them to 
witness it all falling into place.  
 Ratner and the Tower Heist 
writing team put effort into evoking sympathy for the 
staff of Columbus Circle as they lose their 
pensions and financial securities, so that the 
audience remains on the employees’ side 
throughout the film. The result is an amusing, hilarious 
comedy full of characters that relate to the audience 
and to each other.
Although Tower Heist is slightly underdeveloped, it is still a laugh ensuing action comedy. Ratner pulls it together with a clever, rewarding and well-executed conclusion. For movie goers looking for a light, harmless adventure, the film is a must-see as it manages to end on an upbeat note that leaves one with a  satisfied feeling when exiting the theater.
Watch as Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller team up 
to take back money from an evil executive, in Tower Heist. Despite the film not receiving rave reviews from critics, it managed to  garner a total of $25.1 million at the box office during its opening weekend. While the film has its flaws, as a whole, Tower Heist gets the job done.