College- budget friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

Kori Williams , Staff Writer

As the #Blizzardof2015 got the semester off to a rocky start, it makes sense that Valentine’s Day isn’t at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But don’t fret; here are a few last minute crafty gift ideas that will show your loved ones just how much you care without breaking the bank.

Date Night Package: Now is a better time than ever for Johnnies to take advantage of the campus concierge’s “Date Night Package.” The deal exclusively sold to SJU students includes two metro cards, two movie tickets and a $50 restaurant gift card for only 50 bucks. If you have the funds to spare, take advantage of the deal and enjoy a night out in the city. Cash only

Scrapbooks: This may be a good idea for couples who are well-established in their relationships. Scrapbooking is a perfect way to put together all those ‘us-ies’ you and your mate have taken during the course of your relationship. Craft stores usually have everything needed for a creative endeavor such as this and while things can get expensive, it only needs to be as expensive as you make it! Plus, this is a great activity to do with others.

Keepsake Boxes: These kinds of boxes typically are used to keep items that remind couples of past events. Gifting your significant other with a box made with love will speak wonders. Maybe include the ticket stub from the first movie or concert you attended or a trinket that reminds you of your sweetie. When you’re in a new relationship, everything is exciting and fresh; everything around you reminds you of your new courtship. Use that new view of the world to your advantage and collect a few things that you really think exemplify your new relationship. Think about why you fell for that person in the first place. What’s your favorite quality in them? Where is your favorite place to spend time together?

Dinner At Home: Going out to eat on Valentine’s Day can be pretty overwhelming in itself, but factor in that we’re all just college kids trying to get by and you’ve got another set of problems. Throw out all the drama of eating in NYC and spend some quality time at home. Getting proper ingredients together may seem expensive, but quality ingredients don’t have to be. Besides, this may be the other part of the date that you’ll actually need to spend money on.

Tell your roommates to get lost for the night or just borrow some space from a friend. Of course, you will        have to ensure the place is clean, but having intimate time to yourselves is worth the effort. A recent article in   Forbes states that a great gift idea for men this year is the satisfaction of a great cocktail, so it might be a good idea to put your mixology skills to the test.

Sweet Notes: The power of the written word has moved mountains throughout history. Where would we be today if people like Martin Luther, J.K. Rowling or William Shakespeare hadn’t thrown caution to the wind and expressed themselves? Use this kind of daring initiative to put pen or quill to paper and let your creative light shine. It might be more challenging than you think. On top of that, it only has to be as costly as you make it.


Don’t let the cost of Valentine’s Day discourage you from making it important and special.