Holiday gift giving suggestions

Giving gifts can be extremely difficult when you’re a college student. Our minds tend to be preoccupied with finals and the ever-present ‘broke college student’ lifestyle, but despite the struggles, it is still possible to pick out a good gift for everyone in your life.

A good place to start when browsing for your friends is technology. Though you might not be able to shell out the money for that thing everyone has been arguing about, there are some neat, cheap accessories that make everyone’s life easier. If you have the friend who always sits by the outlets in class, go for a portable charger for their phone. Most models will hold at least one charge in them, and will keep your friend from complaining that their constant scrolling on Twitter is draining their cell battery.

There are also a plethora of unique phone stands that will prop a phone up while it’s charging. From cute phone swings to the minimalistic rubber stands, they’re not only stylish, but keep clutter at bay.  Particularly with the release of their commercial earlier in the year, stickers for Mac laptops have become very popular. There are a wide variety of them that can match the personality of any Mac user, and are available all across the Internet including Amazon and Etsy.

With the closing of Barnes and Noble on Union Turnpike, it would be smart to scour their sales for holiday presents at a good price. For the person in your life that can never pass up the new stand-up special on Netflix, go for Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please.”  The book includes a collection of Poehler’s stories, thoughts and ideas and will make any SNL fan happy.

For an avid student, or someone who is always thinking, “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell would be the best option. After his success with “Outliers,” Gladwell returns to explain what makes up underdogs and why some tend to be more successful than others. If you think someone might like a book to cozy up to in the colder months, go with “The Mistletoe Promise” by Richard Paul Evans, or “Humans of New York” by Brandon Stanton.

Affectionate gifts to give your parents, or anyone you’re close to, are winter accessories such as gloves, scarves, beanies or mittens. From cartoonish and homemade to sophisticated, there is a wide variety and best of all, they are useful. The last thing you want is for your gift to flop and collect dust for the next few years.

For a parent that likes a good drink at the end of the day, metal or granite ice cubes are the way to go. They keep a drink cold without the mess of real ice cubes.

If you’re looking for anything for a significant other, food is always a good idea. Cute cookies or an assortment of their favorite candy will make anyone happy. It is also a good idea to peruse a beauty or department store. They always have gift sets for a good deal.