Summer gets sassy with Devious Maids


Summer television series are often overlooked, but series premieres are actually one of the best features of the summer.

A clear winner in the battle of the new dramas has definitely been Devious Maids. Sounds kind of like Desperate Housewives doesn’t it? Well it should because Devious Maids is from the creative mind behind Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry as well as executive producer and Desperate Housewives alum Eva Longoria. The series stars Ana Ortiz as Marisol, Dania Ramirez as Rosie, Roselyn Sanchez as Carmen, and Judy Reyes and Edy Ganem as mother-daughter duo Zolia and Valentina Diaz. The series also features a few familiar faces such as soap opera veteran Susan Lucci as Genevieve Delatour and Grant  Show as Spence Westmore.
The new series follows its parent show, Desperate Housewives to the core. It follows the same module of a central storyline followed by smaller storylines featuring each maid. The main storyline of the season is “Who killed Flora?” This is surrounded by just as entertaining and devious storylines which feature each of the maids and their intertwined lives with their rich employers.
In its series premiere, Devious Maids wasted no time getting to the drama. A few minutes into the series, Flora meets her demise and a server is arrested for her murder. But just in true Desperate Housewives fashion, nothing is as simple as it may seems, hence the arrival of new maid Marisol and this season’s main protagonist.
Though striking much controversy over the correlation between the race of the maids and the profession, the show is also receiving much praise. Devious Maids is led by an all-Latina cast that is charming, sassy and capable turning a new series into a hit.
The show also sends various positive messages that can transcend race and one’s profession. The show emphasizes the value of family and conveys the message that what one does for a living and the amount of money one makes does not define them as a person.
Devious Maids is definitely a must-see of the summer season, especially for Desperate Housewives and drama fans alike.
Even though few episodes of Devious Maids remains this season, the  series has already been renewed for a second season due to air June 2014 on Lifetime.