Is love in the air or is it payback?

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna announce their relationship

Jasmine Imani Davis, Entertainment Editor

Another week and another Kardashian makes headlines. On Friday, Jan. 29, Blac Chyna confirmed to TMZ that she is dating Rob Kardashian as she was leaving LAX for England, before she got arrested for Public Intoxication at an Austin Airport. The rumors started when the 27-year-old model and video vixen posted a black-and-white photo on Instagram with a tattooed arm embracing her captioned, “The beginning,” on Monday, Jan. 25. Once followers and fans caught wind of the post, it didn’t take long for them to recognize that the tatted arm belonged to Rob Kardashian.

As the week went on, everyone had their speculations and hilarious memes but, shortly after the infamous post, Rob posted his own meme on his Instagram of his new girlfriend holding a car seat, saying, “Blac Chyna probably out shopping rite now as she plan to give birth to the only next generation of the Kardashian Name! #BabyKardashian.”  

A source says that Chyna, born Angela Renée White, and Rob have been friends for a while and that she had been staying in touch. According to E! News, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters aren’t making any statements or “seals of approval.” The “sisters are livid about their relationship and not supportive of it at all,” a source shared with E! News.

Other sources also say that Rob’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, kicked him out of the house, which led him to live with Chyna.

The disapproval is understandable. Chyna has bad blood with the Kardashian/ Jenner clan, which also makes it look like she’s trying to get even.

With Rob going through a trying time this past year and having been diagnosed with diabetes, an E! News insider is stating that “Blac Chyna is preying on Rob during a weak time.” But, this Kardashian, Jenner and Chyna beef didn’t appear out of nowhere. She started off as besties with Rob’s big sister, Kim Kardashian, which made her a regular on Kim’s Instagram. Their friendship took a hit once her now rapper ex-boyfriend, Tyga, whom she dated for three years and is the father of her 3-year-old son, started to date his now on-again-off-again girlfriend, and the Kardashians’ baby sister, Kylie Jenner.

But, the feud doesn’t end there. Chyna and Kylie have had their own shade-throwing battles over social media, including Chyna following, harassing and threatening her because of Kylie and Chyna’s baby daddy’s relationship.

Finally, Chyna is now also best friends with Amber Rose, the ex-girlfriend of Kim’s husband, Kanye West, and a sworn enemy of the Kardashian/ Jenner clan, after defending Chyna and throwing shots at the family during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” radio show on Power 1051.

Even though many believe that Chyna is dating Rob for malicious reasons, it seems she’s helping him to get his life in order. According to TMZ, she has put her new beau on a meal plan,  won’t let him eat any red meat and has “gotten him back to the gym.”

I’m sure, as time goes on, we will hear more about Chyna and Rob’s relationship, and her feud with his family, will unfold. We’ll be watching.