Warner Bros.’ best decision yet?

“Batman” solo film will be helmed by star/director Ben Affleck

Abhishek Joshi, Staff Writer

Yes everyone, the rumor that has been around since June 2015 is actually now true. Warner Bros. chief, Kevin Tsujihara made a statement at CinemaCon that Ben Affleck will not only star in the next standalone Batman movie, but will also be writing and directing it.
This comes as no surprise since Batman has recently had a good share of ups and downs with Warner Bros. First, there was a lot of negativity about Affleck being the next Batman, after which came the question about whether or not he will be featured in “Suicide Squad.” Then came the next big question, who will direct the new movie? While the production company did seek the answer all over the world, they sound the solution right at their doorstep. Batfleck.
Warner Bros. announced earlier that they are in a 10 film deal with DC, most of which have already been announced. So, if DC wakes up tomorrow morning to announce that they are extending the deal, do not be surprised.
And we all know that the reason for all of this is not just the fandom and the madness, but also the money scene. Superhero movies together get millions, if not billions, in business.
The new “Batman” standalone has just been announced and is already generating excitement. Call it marketing, or call it love, it is effective nonetheless.
Affleck has already proved that he is a superb choice to be Batman. The debate is still on about whether or not he is the best one so far, but he certainly is a great choice.
The skeptics have said that Affleck will fail the audience in the standalone if not the Justice League movie.
For those who don’t know about Affleck’s directorial career, the Batman movie will not be the first time he will go behind the camera. He has directed movies lie “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Town” and “Argo,” all three of which were very well-received, both critically and financially.
The only remaining question is, how well will Affleck be able to write a story for the standalone?
As it is a reloaded version and Batman is much older, the movie will most likely, if not definitely, be based before “Dawn of Justice” was.
Will Affleck’s writing be able to connect with the audience or not? And whether or not the new script will feature any of the classic villains like Joker or Penguin, and whether or not there will be a Robin in this one as we did see a suit in the movie, remains to be seen.
Affleck will be donning the cape in the Justice League movie, as well as “Suicide Squad,” that comes out this year.
Although there is excitement about the standalone movie, it is a little bit obvious that the wait for this one is going to be a tad bit too long. The movie is estimated to be completed and released in 2019.