New in Music: Frank Ocean

Cassidy Seagren, Contributing Writer

Frank Ocean has returned, surprisingly, with a hit before another four year hiatus. That’s a joke for true Frank fans who know the torture he put us through the last four years between his releases of the phenomenal and arguably life-changing “Channel ORANGE” and “Blonde.” Like previous releases, the track is nothing like his previous works. It has a new sound and features simple instrumentals in favor of deep, complex lyrics. He attempts to explore gender fluidity and our changing society. The clever title refers to the Chanel logo of the crossing backwards and forwards C’s and how he “sees both sides like Chanel.” His voice is the most gorgeous factor as he showcases his range, ability to back his own talent and uses the perfect extra tools to enhance and add a little experimental feel to his new tunes. After that four year hiatus, Ocean seems to be back for good, and he is already throwing out amazing and important tracks.