“Power Rangers” Review

Yves Nguyen, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The 2017 “Power Rangers” update to the cult classic “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” is, what most would classify as, a bad movie. The dialogue is flat, the plotting random, and the effects questionable, but it stays honest to what the Power Rangers franchise is and has always been, while also giving the franchise a more serious and modern update.

The introduction to the origins of the totems that give the future Rangers their powers takes away from the high points of the movie where the cast lets loose, but when the film jumps ahead to present-day Angel Grove, where various attractive, young “misfits” struggle to fit into high school life the movie goes back to its roots. Jason (Dacre Montgomery) is a former star quarterback, who got kicked off the team because of a bad prank and, according to his dad, is destroying his future. Kimberly (Naomi Scott) went from cheerleader to outcast after a leaked nude incident. Billy (RJ Cyler) is a bullied science geek, who spends most of his time making contraptions alone. Trini (Becky G.) is a transfer student who moves around a lot and has an aggressive helicopter mom. And Zack (Ludi Lin) struggles to provide for his bedridden mother while still finding time to be a regular teenager. They of course eventually find themselves together to fight off villains as per the regular Rangers tale. They fight the ever campy and evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) and create a familiar story that fans know and love.

This is a Power Rangers movie, and it does a good job of being exactly that, a sometimes campy, hilariously outrageous story about some teens fighting off reptilian villains. It has shining moments that subvert cliches and is one of the most diverse and inclusive movies of the year, so if you’re a fan of the franchise, like myself, you’ll have a good time.