New Flix on Netflix: “Little Evil”

Lauren Finegan, Photo Editor

As Netflix continues to release new shows and movies, there are some that are not the success that they hoped. Little Evil is a horror-comedy flick that is supposed to put you in the mood for Halloween. The main plot of “Little Evil” is a newly-wedded man attempting to bond with his rather unusual stepson. After several bizarre accidents and irrational theories of friends, Gary Bloom (played by Adam Scott) believes that his stepson, Lucas, is the Antichrist. Throughout the movie, he tries to find ways to get rid of the devil within Lucas while convincing his wife, Samantha, that there is a devil within Lucas.

As the film continues, Gary develops a bond with Lucas and ends up saving him from being sacrificed to a cult.

The ending was a nice way to tie-up a bad movie.

The movie was filled with jokes not even your dad would laugh at, poor acting, cults, demons and the overly sarcastic best friend to lighten the mood. If you are ever bored from studying and want a bad movie to watch, “Little Evil” is what you should be watching to pass the time.