TV Premieres: “Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.”

Andreina Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

After 20 years since Biggie’s death, A&E takes to tribute the life of B.I.G. in Mark Ford’s directed documentary, “Biggie: The Notorious Life of B.I.G.”
The 2-hour documentary takes us on a journey into the life of Christopher Wallace as a young Catholic schoolboy, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York with only his mother, Voletta Wallace, to raise him.
By 12-years-old, we see Christopher as a young artist, always writing and able to compose lyrics that flowed freely with beats. Throughout his life, despite his mother doing her best to keep him off the streets, he believed hustling was the way to earn money.
He earned his reputation from those on the streets of Brooklyn and was discovered as a rap artist by the talent he presented through small performances.
Remembering Christopher, “Biggie” shares some personal insight including interviews from his close ones such as his mother Voletta Wallace, widow Faith Evans, close friend Lil’ Cease and members of Junior Mafia, and icons Nas, Sean Combs, and Jay-Z. “Biggie” emphasizes a positive outlook on the life of Christopher Wallace, on what many may have criticized as a life devoted to selling drugs and glamorizing it. However, we see that he was mostly motivated by providing for his family as much as possible, and by spreading truth through his words.
One thing we learn for sure is that he was truly confident, and this helped his fans feel just as confident through his vulnerability that was very rare in rap culture at the time.
He spread love, the Brooklyn way.