Tune In TV: “The Good Doctor”


Nina Stefanelli, Contributing Writer

The Good Doctor looks like it could be on its way to being America’s new hit TV show. This new series tells the story of a young surgeon who has Autism and Savant Syndrome. He has been recruited to work as a doctor in the prestigious hospital, San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

The overarching question, however, is  someone who can’t relate to others able to save their lives?  

Monday’s episode was nothing short of extraordinary; it’s amazing how the show is introducing this fantastic idea of an Autistic surgeon. Not only is this show a breakthrough for television but for the medical field as well, because it opens up the idea for this fictional character to become a reality.

In Monday’s episode, we meet the incredibly talented Autistic surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has to learn to navigate his challenging workspace as well as overcome his social issues in a very high-pressure environment.

We also meet the board members of the hospital, some of the other surgeons and the president of the hospital Dr. Aron Glassman, who is an advocate for Dr. Murphy.

While the other doctors and board members are reluctant in hiring Dr. Murphy, Dr. Glassman believes in him.

He even puts his job on the line, at the expense of Dr. Murphy failing to be nothing more than extraordinary.

Monday’s episode did not disappoint, and I believe that the show has gained a significant new group of watchers, maybe some even old House fans.

Overall the look of this episode was similar to Grey’s Anatomy just with a new touch of how we see Dr. Shaun Murphy’s thinking process.

The way they used graphic design to show how he can see an actual map of the patient’s body was different, yet fascinating to watch.

In conclusion, I see a bright future ahead for the show and its cast members, who all did an outstanding job, especially Freddie Highmore, who plays Dr. Shaun Murphy.

I am excited about this new series and its potential to be America’s next big hit, stay tuned for more because I have a feeling we’re in for a treat.