TV Review: “Stranger Things 2”

Anika Seoparson , Contributing Writer


Just in time for Halloween, Season 2 of Netflix’s hit series, “Stranger Things,” was released on Friday, Oct. 27. The season picks up in October 1984, a year after Will Byers’s initial disappearance to the Upside Down. In this season, we see Will struggling to cope with visions of the Upside Down, unlikely alliances such as Steve and Dustin uniting to destroy D’Artagnan, and explore what has happened with Eleven since the first season as well as her past.

The show also features a few newcomers. Max, played by Sadie Sink, and Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery, are step-siblings who ignite quite a bit of trouble in Hawkins. Max befriends the boys, much to Mike’s dismay while her step-brother treats her and his peers poorly. Sean Astin as Bob acts as Joyce Byers’s love interest who is difficult to like until he proves himself a sincerely good person by helping Will. Stranger Things also cast Linnea Berthelsen to play Kali, another subject of the Hawkins National Laboratory. She is seen in the first few minutes of Chapter One and for the majority of Chapter Seven, an episode which had little impact on the rest of the show and could have easily been skipped.

Overall, the latest season of Stranger Things gave the fans the thrilling yet comical elements they wanted and answered some long-awaited questions about the fates of its characters.