New in Music: Aly & AJ

Alexis Gaskin, Staff Writer

Aly and AJ are back! After 10 long years, the singing sister duo has released new music. These former Disney Stars have released a second song since their shocking September release of “Take Me.”

Their most recent track, “I Know,” keeps the head-bopping sound that their old music always had but with a softer feel. With mixes of techno, funk and beautiful harmonies, the duo provides a track ready for the club or a solo dance party in your dorm room. This new track is reminiscent of the disco age with a techno vibe and lyrics that will brighten your day. Aly and AJ, in an interview with MTV, described the song as, “empathizing with friends who are going through tough times, and trying to look through their eyes and feel their pain.”

The sister duo may have changed in style and sound, but stay true to their roots of funky sounds with killer lyrics. The chorus that includes the song’s namesake tells the listeners “I know that life is hard sometimes and that things can be rough, but I always have your back.” With simple lyrics and a fun sound, Aly and AJ leave their fans anticipating more music and their upcoming EP. For all who haven’t listened to this new single or their last release “Take Me,” you can find it on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes. This is a must-listen for all Aly and AJ fans.